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American Goldeneye

American Goldeneye, Male

American Goldeneye Relief

American Goldfinch, Male

Atlantic Puffin (4)


Bald Eagle (7)

Bald Eagle Plaque (2)

Bald Eagle with Fish

Bald Eagle with Flounder

Bald Eagle With Redhead Duck

Baldpate, Male

Barn Owl (2)

Belted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher, Male

Benefit Art Auction and Appraisal Day flyer

Black Capped Chickadee

Black Capped Chickadee, Pair (4)

Black Duck (5)

Black Duck, Female

Black Duck, Male

Black Duck, Pair

Black-backed Gull (2)

Black-capped Chickadee (2)

Bluebird (6)

Bluebird, Pair

Blue-winged Teal, Male

Bob White

Bob White, Pair

Bob White Quail, Male

Bob White Quail, Pair

Bob-white Quail Hen with Six Chicks

Bob-white Quail, Male

Bob-white Quail, Pair

Bragdon - Addie (Bragdon) Gilley (1905-1983)

Brown Pelican (3)

Bufflehead, Male

Bufflelhead (2)

Bull Moose


Canada Geese

Canada Goose (8)


Canvasback Drake


Cardinal, Pair


Cinnamon Teal

Clapper Rail

Common Eider Group

Common Loon (3)

Common Tern, Pair (4)

Cormorant (2)

Cormorant Group


Dark-eyed Junco

Double-crested Cormorant

Double-crested Cormorant, Pair

Downeast Bird Carvings Exhibit Catalog

Downy Woodpecker


Eagle Plaque

Eider Duck, Female

Evening Grosbeak, Male (2)


Flying Mallard Relief


Gilley - Wendell Holmes Gilley (1904-1983)

Golden Eagle

Golden-Crowned Kinglet, Pair

Goldfinch (4)

Goldfinch pair

Great Blue Heron (2)

Great Blue Heron Pair (2)

Great Blue Heron, Pair

Great Blue Heron with Trout

Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owl Plaque

Great Horned Owl (3)

Greater Roadrunner (2)

Green Heron (2)

Green Winged Teal

Green-winged Teal (3)


Herring Gull (2)

Herring Gull on Red Buoy

Herring Gull, Pair (2)

Herring Gull Pair

Herring Gulls (2)


Jumping Fish Relief



King Eider, Male (2)


Laughing Gull

Letter From Byron Cheever to Wendell H. Gilley

Letter from James C. Collins to The Eider

Letter from Raymond L. Stearns to Nina Gormley

Letter from Steven C. Rockefeller to Members of the Wendell Gilley Museum Nominating Committee

Letter from Wendell Gilley to Raymond L. Stearns

Letter to Byron Cheever from Donal C. O'Brien, Jr.

Letter to Donal C. O'Brien, Jr. from Byron Cheever

Letter to Mrs. Otis D. Wolfe from Steven C. Rockefeller

Letter to Nina Gormley from Lucretia W. Evans

Letter to Nina Gormley from Norman Ashley Willock

Letter to Raymond L. Stearns from Wendell Gilley

Letter to Wendell Gilley Museum from Isabel Thacher

Letter to Wendell H. Gilley from Byron Cheever (2)

Letter to Wendell H. Gilley from Donal C. O'Brien, Jr. (10)

Letter to Wendell H. Gilley from Thomas C. Schuller

Little Blue Herons

Long Billed Curlew

Long-eared Owl, Pair

Long-eared Owl with Black-capped Chickadee

Long-tailed Duck, Male

Loon with Chick and Eggs


Mallard Drake (9)

Mallard Drake Box (2)

Mallard, Female

Mallard Pair (2)

Man (2)

Mourning Dove


Northern Cardinal (2)


Oldsquaw Hen

Osprey (2)

Osprey with Flounder

Osprey with Flounder on Branch

Osprey with Mackerel


Penguin with Chick

Pileated Woodpecker (3)

Pine Grosbeak, Female

Pink Flamingo

Pintail drake

Pintail, Group

Pintail, Pair (3)

Polar Bear Diorama


Red Legged Black Duck

Red Phalarope

Redhead drake

Red-shouldered Hawk

Ring-necked Pheasant

Ring-necked Pheasant, Male (2)


Robin, Male

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Ruddy Turnstone

Rudy Turnstone, Pair

Ruffed Grouse (2)

Ruffed Grouse, Male (3)

Ruffed Grouse, Pair


Saw-whet Owl (5)

Scaled or Blue Quail, Hen

Screech Owl (3)

Screech Owl (red phase)

Semipalmated Plover

Short-eared Owl

Snowy Owl

Sparrowhawk or Kestrel


Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers

Spotted sandpiper

Squirrel Ash Tray Holder

Surf Scoter


The Art of Bird Carving: a Guide to a Fascinating Hobby

Tree Sparrow

Turkey, Male


Upland Plover (2)


Vesper Sparrow


Wendell H. Gilley with Osprey - 1972

Wendell H. Gilley Carving a Grouse

Wendell H. Gilley Carving Eagle

Wendell H. Gilley Holding Eagle Carving and Miniature Mallard, Summer 1971

Wendell H. Gilley holding Official Seal of the State of Maine, 1955

Wendell H. Gilley Holding Owl Carving

Wendell H. Gilley in his Workshop

Wendell H. Gilley in his workshop - Dec. 1960

Wendell H. Gilley in his workshop - Oct. 1971

Wendell H. Gilley, September 1974

Wendell H. Gilley with Eagle, November 1970

Wendell Holmes Gilley (2)

Whistling Swan

White Winged Scoter (8)

White-throated Sparrow (2)

White-winged Crossbill Pair

White-winged Scoter (2)

Wild Turkey (2)

Wild Turkey, Male

Wild Turkey, Pair


Wilson's Plover

Wood Duck

Wood Duck, Group

Wood Duck, Male

Wood Duck, Pair (2)

Wood Stork

Woodcock (5)

Woodcock Pair with Two Chicks



Yellowlegs (5)