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Accession # Identifier Title Type Subject
  • 20.01.057
1299Canada Goose
  • Carving
  • Birds
  • Carvings
Flat bottomed, signed "Gilley" on underside
  • 80.1.9
1044Canada Goose
  • Carving, Miniature
  • Birds
Miniature; mounted on driftwood base, standing up, neck drawn back, head turned slightly to left; carved feet, painted adult plumage details. Signed and dated "Gilley '72" on lower right side. Marked "Addie Gilley" on underside.
  • 81.1.141
1137Canada Goose
  • Carving, 1/5 Life-size
  • Birds
Approx. 1/5 life size adult on driftwood base, neck bent down, scratching head with right foot; glass eyes, metal feet, carved, burned and painted detail. Signed "Gilley '71" on left of base.
  • 81.1.108
1113Canada Goose
  • Carving, 1/4 Life-size
  • Birds
Approx. 1/4 life size; Adult mounted on driftwood base, standing upright, body horizontal, neck erect, head turned slightly left; glass eyes, metal feet, carved and painted detail. Unsigned. Paint cracked at top of right leg.