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  • Birds
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  • 1950s
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  • 81.1.105
1110Black Capped Chickadee, Pair
  • Carving, Pair, Life-size
  • Birds
Two life-sized chickadees on a driftwood base, one hanging upside down on branch, one standing on bottom left of base; both have pin head eyes, wire legs, painted details. Signed and dated "Gilley '59" on left side of base. Bottom of base covered with grey felt.
  • 81.3.1
1168Black Capped Chickadee, Pair
  • Carving, Pair, Almost Life-size
  • Birds
Almost life size; two chickadees on driftwood, both standing upright, left chickadee has head down; both with glass eyes, metal legs and feet, carved and painted detail. Signed "Gilley '58" on rear of base.